Beautiful and delicious cakes and cupcakes made to order


6″ Cakes – serves 10 dessert or 20 coffee sized portions
7″ Cakes – serves 15 dessert or 30 coffee sized portions
8″ Cakes – serves 20 dessert or 40 coffee sized portions

Standard delivery to Queenstown and Arrowtown is $25.

Pick up from our kitchen at an agreed time is free.

Pick up time is generally between 9.30-10.30am.

Please contact us directly if you have any food allergies to ensure we can accommodate your request before ordering.

Drippy Cake

Our drippy cake is perfect cake for impressing all ages.  Each cake is made up of at least 3 layers of cake, filled a with a chocolate ganache.  The cake is finished in a truffle style icing and decorated with lots of delicious treats to match your selected colours and occasion.


$200.00$260.00 incl GST
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    Flavours other than Chocolate +$25 and require 7 days notice.

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    Choose up to 3 colours for your cake.
    Cherry Blossom will decide how to best apply the colours.

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    Allow an extra 2 days for Gluten-Friendly cakes

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Cake Flavours and Tasting Notes

Chocolate: An indulgently rich and moist chocolate mud cake, made with real chocolate. Layered and covered in a decadent chocolate ganache. This is such a delicious rich chocolate cake, perfect for any special occasion and a flavour your guests will always remember. This chocolate cake is very stable and also keeps well for at least a week after delivery. This is the best flavour if you are serving the cake as dessert.

White Chocolate: A white chocolate and vanilla mud cake, this is a much lighter flavour that the chocolate and is layered with white chocolate ganache. This is a super sweet cake, more of a ‘plain’ flavour than the chocolate, still a dense cake.

Coconut: This can be layered with either white or dark chocolate ganache. This is a new flavour added due to a number of requests, I am love how this smells in my kitchen!

Banana: A kiwi classic. Will bring back memories of banana cakes that your mum use to make (well it does for me). This can be layered with either white or dark chocolate ganache. A very tasty cake that is full of ripe banana.

Carrot: A dense and rich carrot cake. I don’t use sultanas or nuts in my carrot cake, but this can be included by request. This is usually layered with either white chocolate ganache. This is a lovely spiced carrot cake, that works well with the white chocolate ganache.

Lemon: A white chocolate/vanilla cake that has homemade lemon curd made with fresh lemon juice and zest to create a lovely lemon flavoured cake. This is layered and filled with a lemon curd. This is a lovely light flavour that gives you a bit of a zing with the lemon zest.

Coffee: A rich vanilla cake with decadent espresso coffee added for a more mature cake. This cake works well layered and filled with a dark chocolate ganache. This is a new flavour added to the menu after a request from a bride, but I actually love it, it is delicious and I can’t stop eating it…

Fruit: Traditional Fruit Cake filled with loads of delicious brandy soaked dried fruit. This is covered in a traditional almond paste made from real almonds (no fake almond flavour here!). This is a great cake flavour for fruit cake lovers, and even for those that don’t like fruit cake, they might be surprised!

Lolly Cake: Another kiwi classic from our childhood. Using malt biscuits and Eskimo lollies, I shape the lolly cake into a cake mold. If you love lolly cake or have a super sweet tooth, then this could be for you! Great if serving the cake as part of a dessert table or with coffee.

We only use the finest quality ingredients in all of our cakes and we only ever use free range eggs